A year after Women’s Marches, citizens still hope to see change

By Christina Soto | Broadcast Managing Editor

The Women’s March last year was one of the largest demonstrations in history with over 2.9 million people advocating for women’s rights. This weekend marked the one year anniversary of the event and all over the country, men and women gathered together again. On Saturday, Waco community members gathered in downtown Waco at Heritage Square to hold their own event.

Deborah Michals, a rally attendee, said she is disappointed in where our country is today. She said she is hoping our country will return to its roots and become united again.

“I think we need to get back to the message of love and inclusiveness and valuing education and discourse and just kind of come back to our roots,” Michals said. “We’ve become a country of extremists and I want to see us become a country that is united again.”

Several candidates gave speeches and encouraged people to vote this election season at the march. The event also had a stand where citizens could register to vote. Texas District 56 candidate Katherine Turner Pearson emphasized the importance of women’s rights and the impact Texas women can have on the whole country.

“We are joining together in a pact called, ‘Rise Up Texas Women’ and we are gonna take this nationally ’cause what happens in Texas happens to the whole United States. We’re that big of a state,” Pearson said.

Waco resident Marsha Watson is a mother of two boys and said she is marching for them and men like them. She said she has devoted her life to making sure her children respect women and hopes that other men in the U.S. will do the same.

“I march because I am the mother of two sons and I’ve always wanted my sons to respect women,” Watson said. “And I think of a lot of men, start giving women an equal chance and not just seeing them as home makers or just helpers. Let them lead sometimes.”