And go support the Bears on Saturday

Baylor Nation,

You should all go to the men’s basketball game Saturday at 11 a.m. against Oklahoma!



Our team has won 5 straight games and is now the number one team in the Big 12, which is the strongest basketball conference this year.

And we are playing the number one ranked Oklahoma.

And we love to beat Oklahoma.

And our team is now ranked thirteen; think how much we would jump if we won this game.

And we need fans to do that.

And we are going to “stripe the stadium” so we need people wearing green and white.

And the basketball games only take two hours, so you can go and still have most of your Saturday to study (smile).

And the hot dogs are better than at the football games (I don’t know why this is, but the informal poll I took last night proved it).

And they play music during the time outs, and people dance, and you get to watch people dancing poorly, which is always fun.

And they beat Texas Tech last week with a last-second buzzer shot.

And they beat Kansas State last night in double-overtime.

And the team is fantastic; they play hard and fast and it is truly poetry in motion (and I know poetry).

And we love to beat Oklahoma.



Dr. Sarah Ford

Associate Professor

English Department