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Advertise with the Lariat

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AD RATES(Includes Inserts and Post-Its)

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U.S. Mail address: Baylor Lariat Advertising One Bear Place #97330 Waco, Texas 76798-7330

Courier address: Baylor Lariat Advertising Baylor University One Bear Place #97330 Waco, TX 76798

Phone: (254)710-3407 Fax: (254)710-1714 E-mail:



Publication Day Day of Deadline
Tuesday – 4 p.m. Thursday
Wednesday – 4 p.m. Friday
Thursday – 4 p.m. Monday
Friday – 4 p.m. Tuesday


PREPAYMENT IS REQUIRED BY DEADLINE WITHOUT EXCEPTION. We accept Visa, MasterCard & Discover via telephone at (254) 710-3407. We also accept American Express, but only for $100.00 or more. Checks payable to Baylor Lariat Advertising should be mailed to: Baylor Lariat Advertising Baylor University One Bear Place #97330 Waco, Texas, 76798-7330 You may also reach us via e-mail at or by phone at (254)710-3407.


A. Display Advertising:

Local Business Rate: $10.50 per column inch (CI), prepayment required.

University/Non-Profit Rate: $9.50 per column inch (CI), prepayment required.

Agency Rate: $11.50 CI (no discounts) Prepayment required, no exceptions.

i. ROP requirements:

Minimum size overall is four column inches. Minimum width is two column inches. All rates are calculated in 1/2-inch increments. Advertisements more than 19 inches in depth will be charged for 21 inches.

ii. Discounts:

FREQUENCY: This discount applies only when all insertion dates are scheduled and PREPAID on the initial order. Rates are per column inch per day. Additional ads placed after initial order will be charged at full open rate. FREQUENCY DISCOUNTS ARE NOT AVAILABLE TO AD AGENCIES.

4 times/semester > $9.50 per CI

8 times /semester > $9.00 per CI

12 times /semester > $8.50 per CI

25 times /semester > $8.00 per CI

50+ times /semester > $7.50 per CI


BOGO FRIDAY IS BACK! Run an advertisement on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday and get Friday HALF OFF! *Advertisements must be at least 8 column inches in size.  **Only available for local businesses and may not be used in combination with any other offer

iii. Thursday Coupon Page:

Great exposure for the price! Place a 2×2 coupon on our Thursday Coupon Page for four consecutive weeks for $130. All ads must be prepaid in order to get this price. Consecutive runs only. Must advertise student/employee discount.

iv. Worship Weekly:

Churches who wish to draw faculty, staff and students to their services get a great deal for a great cause. Place a 2×2 on four consecutive Wednesdays for $120 or stand out with a 2×4 on four consecutive Fridays for $224.

All ads must be prepaid in order to get this price. Consecutive runs only.

v. Color Charges Full Color (3 colors or more) is $350. NEW PRICE!! ONLY $199 for FULL COLOR!

Coupon Page and Worship Weekly qualify for a discounted color rate of $260.  

*Color discount applies to special sections only and will not be negotiated for any other advertising.

vi. Special Charges Design fee is 20 % of the ad cost. Minimum $10. Ad revisions past copy deadline will cost $25. Any ad that is submitted or cancelled past deadlinewill be charged an additional $50 past deadline fee.



Online Advertising

vii. NEW!!! Advertising Packages (See Rate Kit for Available Packages)

B. Inserts:

Preprinted Inserts The cost is $450 prepaid for 6,000 inserts. * Special Issues: $525 prepaid for 7,000 inserts. Minimum size = 3.5 x 5.5 inches Maximum size = 10 x 12 inches **The client will be charged the amount that is being printed on a given run date, not the amount of inserts that were printed by the client.

C. Page One Post-It Ads

The cost is $510 prepaid for 6,000 Post-Its. * Special Issues: $595 prepaid for 7,000 Post-Its. **The client will be charged the amount that is being printed on a given run date, not the amount of post-its that were printed by the client. RESERVE YOURS NOW. Post-Its are placed on the top-center of the front page of the Lariat (Impact Notes are machine fed and must be wound to our printer’s specifications. – FANFOLD-FLAT, WIND 3)

*Delivery for Inserts and Post-Its*

Submit one sample approval copy to our office, preferably by e-mail. If you ship to our printer Inserts or Post-Its not conforming to these size specifications, you will be charged an additional $150. Full press run must be received by our printer 7 days prior to insertion. Mark shipment with Name of Business; Insert Count; Insert Date Deliver to: Austin American-Statesman ATTN: FOR BAYLOR LARIAT 305 South Congress Ave. Austin, TX 78704-1200 Phone: 512-912-2994

D. Classifieds:

Lariat classified ads cost $4 per day for 10 words. Each additional word is 40 cents. All classifieds must be paid in advance. Classified advertisement copy is not accepted via telephone. Simply e-mail your proposed ad copy to us at or fax it to us at 254-710-1714. We will confirm cost per day to you via e-mail. Then you may provide credit card information by phone at 254-710-3407. We will confirm run dates at that time. i. Ad Enhancers • Boxing your ads costs an additional $3 per day. • Words in bold cost an additional 50 cents per word per day. • Now accepting approved images at $3 per day (1 in x 1 in – B&W)

E. NEW! Premium Positioning

Page 3 and/or the back page of the Lariat can be reserved for an additional 20% fee. Ads smaller than half a page are not eligible. First come, first served.


A. Payment Terms: All advertisers and all agencies must pay for advertisements in advance. All rates are net (non-commissionable) to the newspaper. It is the responsibility of all agencies to figure their own commissions and discounts in addition to this net rate.The regulations, prices and deadlines set forth in this rate and information schedule apply to all advertisers. For display advertisers, one tearsheet per ad will be mailed within 30 days following publication. Additional tearsheets can be requested through the advertising billing office, (254)710-2662.

Make checks payable to:

Baylor Lariat Advertising One Bear Place #97330 Waco, Texas 76798-7330

We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover. American Express accepted for orders of $100.00 or more. B. Policies: The Baylor Lariat reserves the right to reject or revise any advertising deemed to adversely affect the integrity and credibility of the newspaper as a source of truthful and accurate information, be repugnant to most of the readers served by the newspaper, be in conflict with the Christian educational mission of Baylor University or falsely imply endorsement by the university. The Baylor Lariat does not accept advertisement for any type of alcoholic beverage, coupon books, credit cards without credit checks, travel ads, research papers, personals (including adoptions), contraceptives, insurance policies, sperm/ovum donations, tobacco, any advertisements related to abortions, gambling, weapons or certain law firm advertisements. The sole responsibility for the content of an advertisement lies with the advertiser, who unconditionally agrees to hold The Baylor Lariat harmless should a claim arise and to pay for any and all expenses incurred as a result of publication of an ad. Should an ad not be published as ordered, The Baylor Lariat cannot be responsible for any losses or damages caused as a result. Should there be an error in an ad, The Baylor Lariat’s liability is limited to the amount paid for the portion of the ad containing the error. Because of the costs associated with redesigning the newspaper after the advertising deadline, advertising canceled after the deadline will be charged in full. In addition, changes to ads after the deadline will be subject to additional charges and in some cases, may not be possible. Make-goods or credit adjustments will be made for the portion of the ad in error. It is the responsibility of the advertiser to notify The Baylor Lariat of significant errors. The Baylor Lariat will be responsible for first-run errors only. Proofs are available upon request by 10 a.m., two business days before publication. All corrections or changes must be received no later than 3 p.m. two business days before publication. A charge of $2 per column inch will be made for ads created at customer request and then canceled without the insertion. The Baylor Lariat is not responsible for errors when copy is submitted after deadline, when a proof has been approved by the advertiser or when “camera-ready” copy containing errors has been supplied by the advertiser.


PDF format: Technical Specifications A. Electronic Requirements i. Ad Submission Guidelines: Although we accept many file formats, including JPEG, EPS, and TIFF, we prefer that you e-mail your ad to us in PDF format. If you cannot convert your file to a PDF, you may send us your ad in its original application. We accept the following applications: PageMaker 6.5 and 7.0; Photoshop; QuarkXPress 4.0; InDesign; Microsoft Word; Illustrator and FreeHand 10. WE DO NOT ACCEPT DOCUMENTS CREATED IN MICROSOFT PUBLISHER. If you cannot send us your ad in any of the file formats listed above, make sure you send us all fonts and images used in the creation of your original document. NOTE: WHEN SUBMITTING AN AD IN MICROSOFT WORD FORMAT, PLEASE FAX A HARD COPY OF YOUR AD TO (254)710-1714. ii. Color Management Policies: The Baylor Lariat in no way guarantees the color quality of any color ad that we print. The best we can do is approximate the best colors for you to use. There may be drastic discrepancies between how your ad looks on a computer and how it appears in print. We do not use Pantone inks. Our printer uses its own premixed inks for spot colors. If your ad contains a Pantone spot color plate (or if you would like us to print your ad with a specific Pantone color), we can only approximate the desired Pantone color to the colors available to us. The spot colors used by our printer are mixtures of CMYK process colors (cyan, magenta, yellow and black). If your ad will contain one visible color when printed, we advise you or your graphic artist to contact us before you start designing your ad, so that we can give you the color percentages of the spot color that is the closest match to the color you want to use. We recommend bright colors that contrast well with the rest of your ad. We are happy to try to make your existing ad conform to our color scheme, but please remember the following guidelines when submitting digital files for color correction: All spot-color ads must be sent as native application files, preferably as unflattened Photoshop documents with text in its own layer. Resolution must be set to a minimum of 150. We cannot accept files larger than 7 megabytes via e-mail, so you may have to use a utility like StuffIt to compress your files to make them smaller; otherwise, you may send your files on a disc. In any case, if you are submitting a document in its native application format, please be sure to send all of the fonts you have used–including screen fonts–and any images associated with the file that have not been embedded. NOTE: Keep in mind that we charge additional fees for any excessive amount of time we spend correcting problematic ads. If you have any further questions about how you should prepare your ad for print, please call (254) 710-3407 or e-mail Lariat_ads B. Mechanical Measurements • The Baylor Lariat is an offset broadsheet printed with an 85 line screen. • There are 6 columns per page at an 11 3/8 inch width. • Each column is 1 4/5 inches wide with 1/8 inch gutter. Full page depth is 21 inches.

Width: Inches:
1 column 1.8
2 columns 3.75
3 columns 5.72
4 columns 7.68
5 columns 9.65
6 columns 11.625