Men’s basketball surprises classes with Raising Cane’s

Baylor Basketball player Jake Lindsey hands out Raising Cane's to a science class in the BSB on Wednesday. William Barksdale | Multimedia Journalist

By Brooke Hill | Staff Writer

Students have been buzzing all week about the men’s basketball team’s guest appearances in random classes to gift those lucky few with free meals from Raising Cane’s.

The basketball team and staff shocked four classes Monday through Thursday with a surprise entrance, and they came bearing gifts.

“I was very surprised when the basketball players brought canes into [Michael] Korpi’s class,” said Austin sophomore Jaelyn Galindo. “Korpi had just starting teaching and then a bunch of people just busted in the classroom and starting handing out bags of Cane’s. It was amazing.”

Morgan Fleming, associate director of fan engagement & graphic design for the athletics department, was the one who suggested the idea to the staff.

“My biggest intention behind this was just to get people talking and get excitement going for basketball season, so we knew this would be a unique way to get people’s attention,” Fleming said. “I knew students have 5000 things on their calendars so we wanted to stand out.”

Fleming said another goal of hers was to find a way that the staff and players could interact with the students.

“The basketball players and staff, they’re just some of the most fun and charismatic and personable coaches and players that I’ve worked with, and I’m not sure that they get they chance to get seen by students, for students to meet them and see their personalities,” Fleming said. “I want people to see how much fun Coach [Scott] Drew is. I want to make sure everyone knows the players by name and by face and knows [head basketball] coach Drew because they’re awesome and they’re a lot of fun and they want you to be a part of their family.”

Fleming explained that the goal was to do something just to give back to the students. The team hoped to brighten students’ day and surprise them, as well as get them talking about the upcoming season.

Grapevine sophomore Taylor Wolf was certainly surprised on Monday when the team interrupted her chemistry class.

“They just walked in and we’re all looking around at each other like, ‘what is happening?'” Wolf said. “It was surreal, the best start to my day.”

Fleming said she worked with the academic performance department to find professors who were known for their support of Baylor athletics and had their syllabus set up in a way that a guest appearance from the team this week wouldn’t conflict too much with their classes. The team showed up to a chemistry class, a mass communications class, an environmental science class and an art class.

The men’s basketball team’s season opener is at noon today at the Ferrell Center against Central Arkansas. The men enter the season ranked 24 by the Associated Press.